Pediatric dental crowns may be the right solution for your child’s particular dental issue. Protect your child’s teeth with help from Dr. Donna and her team. Contact us to discover whether tooth crowns are right for your child’s teeth. We will provide you with expert answers to your questions and explain your options.

Be sure to ask us whether your insurance covers your child’s dental needs. In order to provide our patients with the most flexible payment options, we work with many trusted insurance providers. Chances are that your insurance is one of many we accept. We accept most insurance plans. If you have questions, contact us if your child needs pediatric crowns.

Pediatric Dental Crowns

Give your child the gift of a full, unblemished smile. Many children struggle with the effects of tooth decay or tooth trauma every day, leaving their teeth unprotected and incomplete. A crown can help to shield damaged teeth from further harm. Sit down with Dr. Donna and her team to learn more about our selection of tooth crowns for children, including stainless steel crowns.

Rest assured that your child will experience little to no pain during tooth crown installation when you opt for sedation. We offer many sedation options for parents that are concerned about their child’s anxiety.

A skilled pediatric anesthesiologist will administer the right amount of sedation tailored to suit your child’s needs, allowing them to relax during the procedure.

How Tooth Crowns Work

Tooth crowns work as caps that protect your child’s teeth from harm. Every tooth is different, and in order to create the perfect fit for your child, our dentists custom make each crown. This allows your child to receive the full benefits of the protective crown without worrying about discomfort. With crowns, your child can get back to doing all of the following activities with ease:

• Chewing • Talking • Brushing • Flossing

Many adults and children opt for custom dental crowns every day. Crowns are simple, easy-to-apply tools that help your child’s dentist protect their teeth more effectively. The installation process is quick and virtually painless. Dr. Donna recommends crowns for children that require assistance maintaining their baby teeth while they grow their permanent teeth.