Tooth extractions are scary for adults let alone for kids. Dr. Donna and her team provides a compassionate and comforting environment for pediatric tooth extractions. Is a particular tooth in your child’s mouth causing pain and discomfort? With help from Dr. Donna and her team, your child never has to struggle with tooth pain. Contact us for quick, painless children’s tooth removal—we work with child patients of all ages, from very small children to teenagers.

Ask about your child’s sedation options before you schedule kids’ tooth removal at our clinic. Sedation is a great choice for nervous or fearful children. We offer many gentle sedation options for patients struggling with anxiety before kids’ tooth extracts. Simply speak with a pediatric anesthesiologist about your options. We will evaluate your child’s health and choose a form of sedation that suits their needs..

Pediatric Tooth Extractions

Let Dr. Donna and her team help your child tackle his or her fear of children’s dental extractions. At our clinic, we understand the anxiety that many children associate with a trip to the dentist. Through compassion and sedation dentistry, we help many younger and older patients understand the extraction procedure.

We are committed to removing teeth as quickly and painlessly as possible. Our clinic features high-end tools and equipment to help us administer any necessary sedation. Rest easy knowing your child receives the very best care for tooth extractions.