Preventive dental care is important for adults as well as children. However, pediatric preventive care is specially important in setting life long dental health habits. Pediatric dental preventive care has never been easier, more affordable, or more educational than with help from Dr. Donna and her team . We are your trusted local source for kids’ dental exams in Monaca, PA, along with kids’ dental cleanings. Depend on us for compassionate care during every step of your child’s dental procedure or treatment—we care about you and your loved ones’ comfort.

Our staff specializes in children’s preventative dental care, meaning we work with young patients of all ages. Whether your child is growing their first tooth or struggling with their first cavity, our dentists are here to help. We offer children’s dental checkups to catch small problems in your child’s teeth early on, and we are always happy to provide home care advice. Your children go home with healthier teeth after a visit to our clinic.

Preventive Dental Care – Pediatric Dental Exams

Are you doing everything you can to facilitate your child’s complete health? Our team understands that as a parent you want the best for your children. From children’s dental checkups to scheduled kids’ dental cleanings, we offer many services to make achieving your child’s health goals easier. However, there could be some dental problems lying dormant below the surface of your children’s gums.

Regular children’s dental checkups help our dentists catch small problems early on, allowing us to treat them before they worsen. An untreated oral issue could cause your child pain later on. Do not wait until your children start to complain about tooth pain—schedule their appointments for preventative care. Prevention and even early treatments can save you time and money down the road.

Contact us to schedule kids’ dental exams and start your children on their journeys to better oral health. During the exam, Dr. Donna’s and her staff will make your child comfortable and explain each step of the process. We will examine your child’s teeth using the latest and most trusted industry tools and equipment.

Preventive Dental Care – Pediatric Dental Cleanings

Many younger children do not brush as thoroughly or as frequently as is recommended for optimal dental health. Dr. Donna and her team can help prevent major plaque buildup with regular teeth cleaning appointments. Contact us today to help your child get up to speed with their dental health.